Oak N’ Spruce – South Lee, MA – Certified Pool Operator

By Stephanie Caporale On April 25, 2016
This position is responsible for completing a wide variety of general maintenance repairs while ensuring a safe and efficient operation of the facility set by the standards.

•Applies the knowledge and ability to perform necessary maintenance repairs in the following areas, but not limited to: Swimming pool maintenance.
•Applies the ability to operate a company vehicle while following all highway and safety rules.
•Communicates effectively with the Maintenance Manager and co-workers in order to help maintain a cohesive workplace.
•Completes Dayforce payroll responsibilities.
•Demonstrates the ability to use tools and equipment in a safe manner while using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
•Maintains all tools and equipment as set forth by the Maintenance Manager.
•Maintains a clean and healthy work environment.
•Participates in all scheduled staff and safety meetings.
•Performs any reasonable task or request that is consistent with the objectives of the position.
•Reports to the Maintenance Manager any issue that may fall outside your expertise.
•Follows directions and fulfills daily duties as assigned by the Maintenance Manager in a timely manner and does not sacrifice quality of service.
•Follows all safety regulations set forth by the company and knows the location of the SDS binder for proper handling and disposal of all chemicals used in Maintenance.
•Follows the guidelines set forth in the Employee Handbook and makes responsible decisions based upon these guidelines.

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