For Veterans

BerkshireWorks Career Center’s Veterans Representative is available in Pittsfield, MA.

BerkshireWorks Career Center, 160 North St., 3rd Floor

Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m./Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

For more information, please call David Nash, Veterans Representative, at 413-499-2220 ext.211 or email [email protected]

Veterans’ Services

BerkshireWorks Veterans’ specialists will:

  • Help organize the job search and access benefits
  • Design a personal employment plan and a comprehensive and flexible way to help manage the job search
  • Assist with resume preparation
  • Develop job leads

To speak with the Veterans’ specialist, e-mail [email protected], call (413) 499-2220, ext. 211 or visit BerkshireWorks at 160 North Street, 3rd floor, Pittsfield.

Priority of Service to Veterans

BerkshireWorks gives priority of services to qualified veterans (and other covered individuals) when referring individuals to job openings, DOL funded training programs and related services in accordance with the implementation of the Veterans’ Priority Provisions of the “Jobs for Veterans Act” (PL 107-288).  Any person who identifies himself or herself as a veteran (or spouse or dependent child of a veteran killed in combat, or of a 100% disabled veteran whose disability is service connected, or of a member on active duty who is listed as missing in action, captured in the line of duty, or forcibly detained) shall be considered for priority of services. Qualified veterans will receive priority referral to services over non-veterans as determined by each program’s mandatory eligibility criteria.

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