Hiring Veterans

Looking for the Best—Hire a Vet

Many employers are discovering the option of hiring new veterans, now separating or retiring due to downsizing of military services. Today’s military service members are often well trained, educated and highly motivated. The military’s higher enlistment standards mean that over 90% of recruits have a high school diploma or have completed some higher education. Recruits must also be in excellent health and have a clean police record.

Veterans are Well Trained

Employers in today’s swiftly changing world know that worker trainability is often the key to success. Since rigorous in-service training is a regular feature of military preparedness, service members have learned to absorb instruction quickly. They have been trained to be trainable. Indeed, today’s new veterans will have spent one-quarter of their military careers either as students or instructors in their various specialties.

Veterans are Experienced and Computer Literate

In addition to rigorous training, these new military veterans have sophisticated and up-to-date work experience in hundreds of occupational specialties, many of which require them to be computer literate. The military has traditionally encouraged its service members to take advantage of continuous education programs. Indeed, over 95% of officers possess baccalaureate degrees and 35% have earned a masters degree or higher. A significant number of non-commissioned officers have earned their associates’ or bachelor’s degrees.

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