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 Post A Job Opening

Employment openings can be posted by BerkshireWorks staff on the Massachusetts One-Stop Employment System and Job Quest, making them accessible to thousands of job seekers. Click here to post your job opening. Please allow 2 business days for the completion of your order. A confirmation will be sent to you with a link for you to review your order. Your position will be posted for 30 days but may be shortened or extended as needed. To speak directly with a Business Services Representative, please call 413-499-2220, ext. 124 or ext. 111.

Market Your Positions

BerkshireWorks can market your open positions or special employment events  in a variety of ways including posting flyers in the Career Center, alerting Career Center staff, announcements on our website, in our weekly job seeker newsletter and on social media.

Recruitments and Job Fairs

Employers can connect with candidates in large and small recruiting events.

Use the Center

Employers are invited to use BerkshireWorks facilities for recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training.

Access Training Dollars for Your Incumbent Workforce

The Workforce Training Program offers initiatives including the Express Program and the General Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide resources to Massachusetts businesses and workers to train current and newly hired employees. Click here for more information.

The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents awards safety training grants to various organizations. It provides monies for workplace safety training aimed at workers throughout the Commonwealth. Click here for more information.

Labor Market Information

Access labor market information including prevailing industry wages, employment data by community and other state and national trends regarding employment and the labor market.

Utilize Layoff Aversion Strategies

Partner with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Rapid Response unit before lay-offs occur or to assist during the transition process.  Read more about Rapid Response. To speak directly with the Western Massachusetts’ Rapid Response representative, call (413) 586-6506.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits

Your business may be eligible for tax credits by hiring candidates from targeted groups including veterans. Click here to learn more.

Community Resource Information

BerkshireWorks partners with a variety of organizations and agencies, such as the Berkshire County Regional Employment Board, the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce, the 1Berkshire, the City of Pittsfield, and the City of North Adams which can connect your company to available community resources.

Youth Involvement

Learn how to make a difference in our community by providing youth with enriching work-based learning opportunities. Click here for more information.

Important Links


Laws and requirements:

Massachusetts Child Labor and Apprenticeships

Employers Guide to Massachusetts Laws and Regulations

Federal Labor Laws

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