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Have you been unemployed 30 weeks or longer? BerkshireWorks has the program for YOU!

By Stephanie Caporale | On August 22, 2016 | Comments(0)

Through Mass Talent Connect, long-term unemployed individuals will be offered workshops, resources and assessment tools designed to enhance their skills and increase opportunities for employment. Mass Talent Connect is a service delivery strategy targeted to serving individuals who have been unemployed 30 weeks or longer. Long-term unemployed individuals who participate in Mass Talent Connect will be assisted with updating their skills through occupational skills training and educational services and have the opportunity to connect to potential employment through intensive job search, networking, internships, on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs. If you have been unemployed for 30 weeks or longer, BerkshireWorks has new programs for you!  To learn more, please visit us at BerkshireWorks, 160 North Street in Pittsfield or call 413.499.2220 ext. 110!

Talent Connect Flyer

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Our Youth Department…

By Stephanie Caporale | On July 15, 2016 | Comments(0)

Are you a youth ages 16-24, who needs help with job applications, resume writing, interviewing and other work readiness skills? Sign up for the Work Readiness Certificate program! It’s FREE and if you complete Session I and Session II, you will earn a certificate that you can use when applying for jobs. Sessions will be held at BerkshireWorks Career Center, 160 North Street, 3rd Floor, Pittsfield, MA.
SPACE IS LIMITED. Please contact Kelly Groves at 413-499-2220 ext. 145 or [email protected] to register. Please see the link for more details on Work Readiness.
Work Readiness Flyer

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How we may assist your business…

By Stephanie Caporale | On July 15, 2016 | Comments(0)

BerkshireWorks is your local One-Stop Career Center

Recruiting and Hiring

We work to meet the needs of businesses (Demand 2.0) by providing:

  • job postings
  • job fairs/recruitments
  • labor market information
  • job matching
  • on-the-job training

Contact your Business Services Representatives today:

Stephanie Caporale at [email protected]

Connie Brown at [email protected]

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