Berkshire Community College Navigator Program

Berkshire Community College Navigator provide direct assistance to individuals in accessing the college and completing all the required steps that culminate in selecting a program and registering for classes: admissions/college application, assessment, advising, financial aid and registration. Please call Shelly Armstrong to schedule an appointment at 413-236-1639


Massachusetts Community Colleges and Workforce Development Transformation Agenda

The Transformation Agenda is an innovative venture that brings Massachusetts’ 15 community colleges, the Commonwealth’s adult basic education and workforce development systems and top business/industry stakeholders together to transform the delivery of education and training programs. Each college in the consortium is designing programs to assist un- and under-employed adults to attain industry-recognized certificates and degrees. This will be done in a manner which accelerates learning and builds a strong bridge to high wage, high skill employment.

Four key priorities drive MCCWDTA programs:

•Priority #1: To accelerate progress for low-skilled, un- and under-employed workers.

•Priority #2: To improve retention and achievement rates; reducing time to gain industry recognized credentials, certificates and degrees.

•Priority #3: To build programs that meet industry needs, including developing career pathways.

•Priority #4: To strengthen online and technology-enabled learning.


Colleges across the state are working together as part of teams to analyze industry demand, and design programming that’s aligned with the needs of these career fields. Each team is reaching out to WIBs, employer partners and industry associations for input and collaboration.

MCCWDTA Industry Sectors:


•Advanced manufacturing

•Information Technology

•Biotechnology and Life Sciences

•Clean Energy/Sustainability

•Financial Services

MCCWDTA is working to make college accessible to un- and under-employed Massachusetts residents that are working in partnership with the state’s One-Stop Career Centers. A “Career and College Navigator” works at each community college and local One-Stop Center to help people interested in pursuing a community college certificate and degree.

MCCWDTA is a collaborative effort of Massachusetts’ 15 community colleges, in partnership with state and local agencies and leaders within the six major industry sectors. Click here for a full list of MCCWDTA partners.